Secretary John Marshall’s Memorial

January 2022 Frederickson Report

The school bus backup issue does to no through main roads to handle commuters. The effort is to get Pierce County to realize Canyon Road needs to be pushed south to at least 224th. This would help get commuters onto the main road and stop going through the narrow country roads of people’s neighborhoods.


We thank the ongoing efforts of school zone flashing lights. This helps the safety of these zones and traffic congestion of people driving their children to and from schools. If you travel on certain roads traffic is only open between many cars waiting to transport their children.


Land use is also an ongoing issue of pushing development on either side of main roads to 33 units per acre one-half mile from ¼ mile. More to come on the densification to follow.

Unelected bodies making rules/laws that are increasing. Much like permitting outright hides from citizen involvement, these rules affect all of us.


Look at your district redrawn boundaries and follow the representative changes.

South Hill cityhood is being funded by our governments. The boundaries are not set yet and public input will be forthcoming. Remember last time much of Frederickson was included to make the viability work. Keep watch of the effort!