Secretary John’s October 2021

Frederickson Community Report

Frederickson Report October 18, 2021, by Terry Hurd, president

Public Safety


More taxes and special taxes in our area of Frederickson. None for Central Pierce. But the inflationary policy of property tax is alive and growing. Police are at .65 per 1000 in unincorporated Pierce County. The entire Urban Growth area could be the third-largest city in the state. Yet we lag in police and roads as compared to cities of this size.

Central Pierce has a special unit that responds to mental health issues. This unit is for special call-outs and referrals to help those in need. It is not part of the normal 911 fire call-out. There is referral help for those mental and physical needs to find available support.


We felt all school zone traffic control needs consistency in the form of Flashing Lights. Not the haphazard types of notification in all school districts. With Covid the known school activities are unknown. The lights would help condition people that there is a school that day, watch for children on the road as we have limited sidewalks. If you can, watch the bus cameras and see cars pass between the children and the open bus door. We need well lite pullouts for better protection of our children with the large dead-end developments.


Land Use


The LUAC is still looking for potential members. The meetings are Zoom for now and have no regular dates as most everything has been taken from citizen input to being permitted outright. Not much support from the county for community involvement in any community development issues. There is talk of a combined LUAC Zoom meeting on Oct 26, of several LUAC’s. It sounds to be one-sided information from the County addressing members and anyone listening as of right now. No citizen input on this meeting though any normal meeting input is welcome.


Good of the order


The 500+ billion in new state taxes up for a vote by the people. We did not address the state's backdoor unconstitutional income tax program for funding special programs. That will be covered in November’s meeting. By then the votes will be in on the new state tax. Please be sure to vote where and when you can. Your voice may not always be heard but your vote counts.