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Elected Officials

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Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier Your Pierce County Executive - Bruce Dammeier 


Pierce County Council Representative Amy Cruver  District 3 | Pierce County, WA - Official Website ( 



























Frederickson is served by three State Districts. The 2nd and 29th Districts are properties on the west side of Canyon Rd. The 25th District is properties on the east side of Canyon Rd. 

29th District  

Senator Steve Conway 📞 360 786 7656 


House of Representatives. Melanie Morgan 📞360 786 7906 


House of Representatives. Sharlet Mena📞253-778-6712


2nd District 

Senator Jim McCune 📞360 786 7638 


House of Representatives J.T. Wilcox  📞253 329 5194 Washington State Legislature - Member Email

House of Representatives Andrew Barkis 📞360 786 7824 

25th District 

Senator Chris Gildon 📞253 840 4523 


House of Representatives   Kelly Chambers 📞360 786 7948


House of Representatives Cyndy Jacobsen 📞360 786 7968

Public School District 

  • Report Card - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

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